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For all your information needs on Luceti's new night club.


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HQ is located in a newly constructed building not too far from the town center. It sits across the river from House 47 and across the road from House 14. On the outside, it doesn't look so much - a simple brick warehouse like building with a patio extending around the back and the side parallel to the river. The club's name glows in a neon sign above the entrance: HQ.


Perhaps unsurprising given the owners, the interior of the club is dimly lit in hues of purples and blacks. Everything within the bar is modern and hip - a combination of the above images. The dance floor occupies the greatest amount of space, but the stage is nicely sized for a band or DJ set up to be the main show for all to see. Behind the bar, fully stocked liquor shelves can be served. But for those not inclined to drink, sodas, water, and coffee are just as easily available.


If you decide to exit outside of the door between the booths and stage, you'll exit on to a patio that overlooks the forested area beside the stream that separates the main part of the village from the rest. Turn the corner, and the stream and village proper become the main background. Fashioned to look like a tiki bar, this part of the club is closed while weather is bad. But as soon as it heats up enough, the patio will be as open for business. It's a nice escape from the music inside, where you can enjoy the sounds of nature and village life as you have a quiet conversation with your date for the evening.

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The doors open at seven, and stay open until two am-- plenty of time to drink, dance, talk and generally have a good time. When the DJs aren't spinning, a house mix is put on, so there's never a quiet moment.